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How gorgeous is Harlequin over CG Stone Cold?!


Welcome to my first ever swatch and review! Vivid Lacquer recently posted for any bloggers interested in doing a review for her to send her a message. Since I’m a smaller blog (and most will only send stuff for review if you have a large amount of followers)  I jumped at the chance to do something so awesome as this!

Already you can colored me impressed. When I received my nail mail I only expected two minis but to my surprise there was three waiting for me to try! I received Cookies and Cream, Your Princess Is In Another Castle, and today’s mani’s polish The Harlequin’s Adoration. 

To start off I’ll give you Vivid’s description of Harlequin: This polish is a dazzling red and bronze fleck polish, rounded out by black and white diamond, red heart, and fine black and white glitter. Dazzling is correct! I wasn’t so sure I was going to like this polish, it definitely not something I would normally buy with my own money. But OMG I LOVE this polish!!!! lol I couldn’t stop staring at the hearts while at work! It’s so pretty in the sunlight as well. 

The polish itself is sheer, so it’s definitely a layering polish. I have mine layered over Sone Cold by China Glaze topped with Sache Vite. Wear for work was good as well for me. Specially since Stone Cold has god awful wear time. I did nee to add another layer of TC after work tonight because one of my hearts on my index was starting to lift. But I contribute that to the fact that my SV is super gooey and near the end of the bottle and I can’t get a proper layer worth a poop!

I enjoyed the consistency of the polish but do wish is just a teeny tiny bit thicker, just so I can get more diamonds and hearts without them sinking. I had a decent amount of finer glitters and flecks. I also enjoyed the fact that I could shake my minis. I have a few other indie minis and I can’t seem to get them to shake and mix up when I wanna use them. So that’s a definite plus for me! I just recommend tipping your bottle upside down while prepping your nails so all the good pieces make it on your brush when applying =] Also it applied really well to my nail, no problems there!

You can find swatches of Harlequin by itself and how it builds up over at Tarts N’ Talons, along with other Vivid Lacquer swatches. 

The Harlequin’s Adoration is 9$ for a 15ml full bottle and $4.50 for a 5ml mini. 

You can check out Vivid Lacquer on Etsy where she sells all her polishes and stamping plates. She also has a Tumblr and a Facebook page that you can check out as well. 

Overall this polish rocks and I’m super glad I picked it! I almost sent her an email to change this polish out for another one. Man am I glad I didn’t! Stay tuned for two more swatches and reviews. I’ll be doing them in between some of my challenge days when I don’t have enough time do go all out. I’m entering the inspiration days and that requires more time and planning! Thanks for looking =]

*This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions and expressions are my own. 

(Source: justlivingnails)

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