Stamping plates and nail polish, indie style.

Vivid Lacquer

Some fun news, and also some non-Vivid Lacquer manicures, because why not?

The fun stuff: My next line of polishes are going to generally consist of topcoats rather than jellies and tinted glitter bombs like I have been doing. I am VERY excited about the next set, and I hope to have some teaser pictures for you soon. These are due out next month, pending some more development time.

In other news: I am still working on the stamping plate pictures for you guys. Things have been a bit busy around here.

Blogger packages have started going out, and will be all out by Friday. Shipping times in general are still under 4 business days.

Finally: I hope you enjoy the above manicures. One was done for the Batman premiere, and the other is my attempt at restarting the 30 Day Challenge. :) And excuse my cuticles, would you? Polish making is a bit harsh on the skin. ♥

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