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Vivid Lacquer

This next update was scheduled to celebrate my birthday - July 13th. It seemed like a great time to release another six polishes into my main line, including one specfically made with my birthday in mind: Don’t Forget The Rum.

A friend helped come up with the name, recommending ’Don’t Forget the Booze’ when I mentioned I was struggling with naming this polish. I’m a rum fiend, though - dark rum with a bit of Dr. Pepper is one of my favorite drinks, and so I had to tweak the suggestion a bit.

Who doesn’t like jelly sandwiches? For my birthday, I wanted a ready made jelly sandwich - a super translucent base, filled with just enough glitter and pigment to provide amazing depth following the application of several coats. I feel like I reached that goal here by combining black, white, and pink glitter in several shapes.

The jelly base is so shiny and squishie in appearance that Maiya’s camera couldn’t pick it up accurately. We solved that problem after a bit of collaboration by using a matte topcoat.

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