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Vivid Lacquer

So, I’m toying with an idea.

My favorite part of having my own polish line is experimentation. Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to constantly add new polishes to my permanent line, so at some point I felt that I had to cut out the ‘play’ aspect of my business in order to focus on producing large quantities of the colors that are in demand. I think I’ve found a compromise.

My next few updates will contain ‘Update Exclusive’ colors that are limited availability, depending on expected shop traffic for each update. This will allow me to make small batches of polishes that I love, but which may not be what I have in mind for permanent colors. These colors will only be available one time in my shop, although they may appear again later in slightly different incarnations.

Tomorrow, 7/2, the Update Exclusive color will be Chocolate Covered Cherry. Multi-sized red glitter and black bar glitter swims in a rich red, jelly base that sparkles with hidden shimmer.

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