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Vivid Lacquer

Polish photo roundup! Today the first round of VL polishes made their way to their new homes, and my customers were quick to swatch and share. :)

I particularly love what Annie had to say about some of her polishes:

Your Princess Is In Another Castle: Princess has this amazing depth and luminosity as the layers get built up. I am so much more in love with this color than I thought I would be, and I fell hard for it with the first pic! From a distance it’s pink with black flecks, but you get up close and there’s all these different shades and the big and small glitter, it’s the perfect mix, and then you get the little holo flecks, PLUS the hot pink jelly base, omb it’s heavenly and I can’t wait for skull stamp!!!!

Theoretical Rockstar: Theoretical Rockstar was the first one I did a full mani with. I LOVE it! What I hadn’t noticed in the other pics was this faint dusting of micro black glitter against the silver polish, plus slightly bigger silver glitter, and then slightly bigger white glitter, soooooooooo cool. Again, from a normal distance it registers as sparkly silver with black and white, but then you look a little closer and there’s all this wonderfulness going on.

I am so excited that my polishes are being received so well!

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